12 Inch V1 4CDR
Catalog # PM083-086
Release Year 2002  
4CDR Length
Date/Venue Pirate of released b-sides and remixes

Track Listing
Just Another Sucker, Just As Long as We're Together, Soft & Wet, Sexy Dancer (Long version), Let's Work (Long version), Gotta Stop Messin' About 2:54, How Come you Don't Call Me Anymore, Little Red Corvette (Dance Mix), Horny Toad, Irresistible Bitch, 17 Days, Let's Go Crazy, Erotic City (Special Dance Mix) , Would Die 4 U (Extended version), Another Lonely Christmas, God (Instumental) , God (Vocal), Paisley Park (Remix) , Raspberry Beret (New Mix) , She's Always in My Hair (New Mix) , Pop Life (Extended version), Pop Life (Fresh Dance Mix), Hello, Hello (Fresh Dance Mix) , America, Girl , Kiss (Extended version), Love or $ (Extended version), Mountains (Extended version), Alexa De Paris (Extended version), Anotherlover (Extended version), La La la he he hee (Highly Explosive Version), Shockadelica, U Got The Look (Long Look), Housequake (7 Minute Mo Quake), Hot Thing (Extended Remix), Hot Thing (Dub), Alphabet Street (Extended), Glam Slam (Remix) ,Escape (Free yo mind from this ratrace)