12 Inch V2 4CDR
Catalog # PM079-082
Release Year 2002  
4CDR Length
Date/Venue Pirate of official b-sides and remixes

Track Listing
A Love Bizarre, 4 The Tears In Your Eyes, I wish U Heaven (part 1,2,3) , Scarlet Pussy (12"), Batdance (The batmix), Batdance (Vicky Vale Mix), 200 Balloons, Partyman (Music mix), Partyman (Purple party mix), Partyman (Video mix), Feel U Up (long stroke), Scandalous (The crime), Scandalous (The passion), Scandalous (The rapture) 6:30 * Sex, I Love U In Me, Electric Chair (Remix), The Future (Remix) , Thieves In The Temple (Remix), Thieves In The Temple (Thieves in the house mix), Thieves In The Temple (Temple house dub), New Power Generation (part 1 & 2), New Power Generation (funky weapon remix), TC's Rap, Brother With A Purpose, Get Off, The Lubricated Lady, Loveleft, Loveright, Gett Off (single remix), Gett Off (damn near 10' mix), Gett Off (houstyle), Gett Off (flutestramental), Gett Off (thrust mix), Gett Off (urge mix), Gett Off (purple pump mix), Gett Off (extended remix), Clockin' The Jizz (instrumental) , Violet The Organ Grinder, Gangster glam, Cream (NPG mix), Things Have Gotta Change (Tony M rap), 2 The Wire (creamy instrumental), Get Some Solo, Do Your Dance, Housebangers, Q In Doubt (instrumental) , Ethereal Mix, Horny Pony 4:20