12 Inch V3 4CD
Catalog # PM 093-096
Release Year   
4CD Length
Date/Venue B Sides and Remixes
Source Pirate of official releases

Track Listing
thunder, sexy mf, 2 whom ever it may concern, my name is prince (mix edit), my name is prince (12" club mix), my name is prince (housemix), my name is prince (hardcore 12" mix), 7 (accoustic), 7 (mix 5, long version), 7 (after 6, long version), pope (12" remix), power fantastic, pink cashmere (12" remix), pink cashmere (vocal version), pink cashmere (guitar version), peach, mpls, purple medley, purple medley (kirky j's b, side), lovesign (the storyboard video mix), come (alternative version), letitgo (instrumental), letitgo (caviar radio edit), letitgo (on the cool cut tip mix), letitgo (cavi' street edit), letitgo (sherm stick edit), space (funky stuff dub), space (universal love mix), space (funky stuff remix), space (accoustic mix), eye hate u (extended mix), eye hate u (quiet nite mix), rock n roll is alive (and it lives in minneapolis), he ryde dyvine, tmbgitw (beautiful beats), beautiful, mustang instrumental, flutestramental, beautiful girl, beautiful extended club version, mustang mix, saxophone version, staxowax, sexy staxophone & guitar, she spoke 2 me, facedown (extended rap money mix), facedown (instrumental money mix), face down (a capella)