12 Inch V4 4CD
Catalog # PM 105-108
Release Year   
4CD Length
Date/Venue B Sides and Remixes
Source Pirate of official releases

Track Listing
somebody's somebody, somebody's somebody (ultra fantasy edit), 1999 (a capella), 1999 (keep steppin), 1999 (rosario), 1999 (in a deep house), 1999 (the inevitable mix), 1999 (the new master), come on (a capella), come on (doug e fresh mix), come on (hypermix), come on (latenitemix), come on (remix) , the one, rave in2 the joy fantastic, tgres, tgres (jason nevins), tgres (neptunes), undisputed, hot with u, man o war, beautiful strange, 7, pretty man, 2gether , 2gether (enlightenment), 2gether (instrumental), 2gether (jeep mix), 2gether (interview), get wild, get wild (club mix), get wild (moneymaker), get wild (moneymaker funky jazz mix), get wild (kirky j's mix), get wild (in the house), the good life (big city remix), the good life (bullets go bang remix) , the good life (platinum people mix), the good life (dancin divaz mix), free the music, superhero, superhero (silks house mix), superhero (hero slow motion mix), superhero (denair old skool mix), superhero (new power hero mix), superhero (deeps house mix), the war