12 Inch Volume 1 2CD
Catalog # LBCD 023-024
Release Year 2005  
2CD Length 77:05 | 77:56
Date/Venue Pirate of released b-sides and remixes

Track Listing
Just Another Sucker, Just As Long as We're Together (Disco Mix), Soft & Wet, Sexy Dancer (Long version), Let's Work (Dance Remix), Little Red Corvette (Dance Mix), Let's Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix), Erotic City (Make Love Not War), I Would Die 4 U (Extended version), God (Instumental), Tricky, Anotherloverholenyohead (Extended version), Raspberry Beret (New Mix), She's Always In My Hair (New Mix), Pop Life (Extended Version), Hello (Fresh Dance Mix), Pop Life (Fresh Dance Mix), Paisley Park (Remix), America, Girl