30 Years Of Unreleased Funk Volume 2 3CD
Pure Funk
Catalog # : PF 019-020-021
Release Year : 2007 
CD Length :
Source Studio Outtakes

Track Listing
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man, Rebirth Of The Flesh, The Grand Progression, God Is Alive, Oobey Doop, My Tree, Eliminate The Negative, Play, Heaven Is Keeping Score, Thunder (Billboards), Standing At The Altar, Ganster Glam (Gansta Groove 7"), Gangster Glam (Gangsta Groove Mix), Gangster Glam (Gangsta Mental Mix), Gangster Glam (Gangsta Hurley's House 7"), Gangster Glam (Gangsta Hurley's House Mix), Willing & Able (Live Studio Version), Live 4 Love (Live Studio Version), The P, 2Gether (RnB Edit), Race, Calhoun Square, The Good Life (Bullets Go Bang Remix), The Good Life (Big City Remix)