A Californian Triple Threat - Oakland 2CD
Fan Release
Catalog # :
Release Year : 2006 
CD Length : 64:37 |60:13
Date/Venue : 1 April 1983 / Coliseum, Oakland
Source : Audience

Track Listing
28 March 1983 / Universal Amphitheatre / Los Angeles
[Vanity 6]: Intro, Make Up, Wet Dream, Drive Me Wild, If A Gril Answers (Don't Hang Up), Nasty Girl
[The Time]: Intro, Get It Up, 777-9311, Girl, Wild And Loose, Gigolos Get Lonely Too, Cool, The Walk
[Prince]: Controversy, Let's Work, Do Me Baby, D.M.S.R., Lisa's Solo, With You, Still Waiting, How come U Don't Call Me Anymore, Lady Cab Driver, Little Red Corvette, Dirty Mind, International lover, 1999