Acoustic Xenophobia 1CD
Fan Release
Catalog # :
Release Year : 2002 
CD Length : 64:33
Date/Venue : 24 June 2002 / Paisley Park, Chanhassen
Source : Audience

Track Listing
24 June 2002 / Paisley Park, Chanhassen
Don't Play Me, Whole Lotta Love, 7, Tangerine, A Case Of You, Pink Cashmere, One Kiss At A Time, Alphabet St. Girls & Boys, (Sometimes I Feel Like A) Motherless Child, The Truth, Telemarketeers Blues, The Other Side Of The Pillow, She Loves Me For Me, Peach, It Ain't Over, Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do, Forever In My Life, The Last December,
18 June 2002 / Molson Center, Montreal
Days Of Wild