Aloopisaloopisaloop CDR
Evolsidog (Fan Release)
Catalog #
Release Year 2002  
CDR Length 74:18
Date/Venue Remixes

Track Listing
Intro - My Name Is Prince (Muerto Mix) - NPG-TV - Face Down (Tora Tora's Mix) - The Continental (Bonus Beats) - Housequake (Shake N' Quake Mix) - The Good Life (Bigger City Mix) - Irresistible Bitch (51 Hour Techno Mix) - It (Reverse Mix) - Daddy Pop (Steady Hoppin' Mix) - Erotic City (P-Funk Mix) - Lovesexy Dancer - Hide The Bone (Bone Home Mix) - The Daisy Chain (Nookie Mix) - What's My Name (Untitled Edit) - Undisputed (Moneyapolis Mack Mix) - Gett Off (Violet's Gangster Groove) - Outro