Aqua Regia 2CD+CDrom
Catalog # SAB 098-100
Release Year 1999  
2CD+CDrom Length
Date/Venue 23 Novmber 1999 Madrid, Club Aqualung & Bonus

Track Listing
23 Novmber 1999 Madrid, Club Aqualung
Intro, The Jam, Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again, Everyday People, We Like The Funk, I'Mageddin', Higher, Come On, Dance Contest, We'Re Gonna Have A Funky Good Time - Groove, The One, Oye Como Ya, Let'S Go Crazy, She's Always In My Hair, U Got The Look, Kiss, Gett Off, Gett Off Houstyle (Incl Solo By Estelle), Talkin Loud And Sayin Nothing, It'S Alright, Fight The Power, Everybody's Got A Little Light Under The Sun, (Come Dance With Me), Purple Rain
Unaired Septimo TV Appearance 22 November 1999
heavy rock guitar intro, baby knows, pretty man, motherless child, the jam, everyday people
Soundcheck 22 November 1999
baby knows, talkin loud and sayin nothing, it's alright
8 August 1998 Press Conference
Artist and Mayte in Marbella Spain