Blue 2CD

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2CD Length 55:06 | 59:04
Date/Venue Outakes & Official Releases
Source Soundboard & Release

Track Listing
Studio Outakes
I Hear Your Voice, Kiss (Acoustic), The Voice, We Can Funk 92 (Features Clinton), 51 Hours, Insatiable (Ext), Lost 0{+> Sugues
Audience Recording From Glam Slam Ulysses
Come, Endorphine Machine, Race, Space, Pheromone
Gold Nigga Official Release
Duece & A Quarter, 2gether, Johnny, Goldie's Parade, Black Mf, Gold Nigga
Rosie Gaines From The Ryde Dyvine
Tender Heart
George Clinton Outakes From 'Hey Man Smell My Finger'
Making It Easy, Booty