Cabaret Metro 2CD
Raiders Of the Lost Art
Catalog # RCD006
Release Year   
2CD Length 55:29 | 75:18
Date/Venue Cabaret Metro Chicago & The Hornheads CD
Source Soundboard & Release

Track Listing
Cabaret Metro Chicago April 23,1993
The Sacrifice Of Victor, Come, Gold Nigga, Gett Off, Black Mf In The House, MJ Warner Rap, Instrumental, Them Changes, Little Red Rooster, Sexy Mf, Love 2 The 9s, Peach, Papa, When You Were Mine(Intro), Bambi, Call The Law, Johnny, Partyman, 1999, Baby I'M A Star, Push, Daddy Pop
The Hornheads CD
Intermission I, New Dell In, Hornheads Blues, Tub O'Grease, Well You Needn'T, One Last Touch, Interrupting Cow, Outtake, Waltz 4 Hornz, Twix Flambe, Intermission II, Waltz 4 Horns Remix, Intermission Remix