Continental Dirft 3CD
Catalog # SAB 257-259
Release Year 2003 
CD Length :
Date/Venue The Alladin, Las Vegas 
Source Pirate of Official DVD & NPGMC

Track Listing
Official DVD & NPGMC
Intrumental, Pop Life, Money Don't Matter 2 Night, Sometimes It Snows In April, The Work Pt.1, Push And Pull, The Ride, 1+1+1=3, Love Rollercoaster, Housequake, Strollin' / U And Me, Gotta Broken Heart Again, Strange Relationship, Prince Introduces Maceo Parker, Pass The Peas, Whole Lotta Love, Family Name, Take Me With U, The Everlasting Now, Xenophobia, Muse 2 The Pharaoh, Mellow, The Other Side Of The Pillow, Strange Relationship, 1+1+1=3, Tokyo Instrumental, Osaka Instrumental, Nagoya Instrumental, Instrumental Groove / Jean Pierre, Empty Room, NPGMC Commercial, Xenophobia, Days Of Wild Instrumental, The Work Pt.1, The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker / Four, The Everlasting Now, The Question Of U, Groove On / The Undertaker Instrumental Jam, Whole Lotta Shakin'  Goin' On / Courtin' Time, Flashlight, Groove On Instrumental, The Undertaker, Release Yourself, The Good Life, Tell Me What It Is / Breathe And Stop, Habibi / Machine Gun, Days Of Wild / Give Up The Funk / Soulman Chant, The Ride