Demos 1980 - 1994 8CD box
Catalog # CD41-48
Release Year 1994 UK 
8CD box Length 580mins?
Date/Venue Outakes, Demos & Rehearsals
Source Studio

Track Listing
Now, Come Outside And Play, Extra Lovable, Money Don't Matter 4 Nite, Old Friends 4 Sale, Possessed, In All My Dreams, Melody Cool, Batdance, Heaven Must Be Near, Life Can Be So Nice, Don'T Say U Love Me, I Wonder, Mutiny, Power Fantastic, Last Heart, Cream, No Light In A Large Room, Moonbeam Levels, Uh Huh, Days Of Wild, The Grand Progression, Alphabet Street Instumental, Good Man, Vibrator Talk 1, Vibrator Talk 2, Vibator, Starfish And Coffee, Little Girl Wendy's Parade, New Position, I Wonder U, Electric Intercourse, Let Me Fill U Up, 51 Hours, Rebirth Of The Flesh, My Tree, Eliminate The Negative, Lisa, Love Thy Will Be Done, Instiable, U Call Me, Girl O My Dreams, All Day All Night, Can I Play With U, Murph Drag, Still Will Stand All Time, Paisley Park Instrumental, Schoolyard, Qualified Kiss, Horny Pony, Wonderful Ass, I Hear Your Voice, Moviestar, A Place In Heaven, Mainc Monday, Acknwoledge Me, Thieves In The Temple Blues, Real Love, Ballad Of Dorothy Parker, Martika's Kitchen, Allegiance, Strange Relationship, Glam Slam 91, Elephants And Flowers, Open Book, There's Others Here With Us, Player, Interactive, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Sax Mix), Play In The Sushine, Baby You're A Trip, Oobey Doop, I Would Die 4 U, Neon Telephone, Five Women, I Wish U Heaven, Girls And Boys, Come, Your Love Is So Hard, Diamonds And Pearls, Do Yourself A Favor, Thunder, 7, Spirit, Love Machine, Witness, Sexual Suicide, The Voice, Love Thy Will Be Done, Hold Me, Kiss, Irresistable Bitch, Tricky, The Beautiful Ones, 319, Holly Rock, Get Blue, Lost Symbol Segues, If I Couls Get Your Attention, Strollin, Billy Jack Bitch, Superhero, If I Love U 2 Nite, Sometimes It Snows In April, Latino Barbie Doll, Love's No Fun, Sex Shooter, Daddy Pop, However Much U Want, Sex, Si Te Amo Esta Noche, Another Lonely Christmas, Another Lonely Christmas 1, Another Lonely Christmas 2, When The Saints Come Marching In, Another Lonely Christmas 3, Another Lonely Christmas 4, Let's Go Crazy 1, Instrumental Jam, Let's Go Crazy 2, Sleazy, Screams Of Passion, Baby Go Go 1, Baby Go Go 2 , Baby Go Go 3, Baby Go Go 4