Deposition 3CD
Catalog # 256/257/258
Release Year 1997  
3CD Length 74:05 | 73:17 | 69:58
Date/Venue Studio Outakes 1985 -1997
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
Heaven Is Keeping Score, God Is Alive, Come Outside And Play, What's My Name, God Is Alive (Reprise), Five Women, I Wonder, Uh Huh, Old Friends For Sale, Open Book, Hold Me, The Voice, I Hear Your Voice, Get Blue, Allegiance, Neon Telephone, A Place In Heaven, The Grand Progression, Come, The P, Soul Psychodelicide, Martika's Kitchen, Don't Say U Love Me, Love Thy Will Be Done, Spirit, Mad, Funky Design, Bliss, Mindbells, Kiss, Face Down Money Mix, Face Down Instumental, Face Down A Capella, Gangster Glam House 7" Mix, Gangster Glam Groove 7" Mix, Oobey Doop, My Tree, Positive Place, Cross The Line, Girl Power, Hey Louie Louie, My Pony, 17 (Penetration), 18 (R U Legal Yet?), 19 (A Girl And Her Puppy), 20 (Jailbait), 21-24 The Dopamine Rush Suite