Electric Fetus 2CD
Catalog # SAB 200-201
Release Year 2002  
2CD Length
Date/Venue 1999-2000 One Offs
Source Audience

Track Listing
Larry Graham & the NPG, 18 February 1999, Electric Fetus, MPLS
1999: thank you falettinme be mice elf again-free-everyday people-i'm a-geddin'-love and happiness-the jam-outro.

Prince & the NPG-Aftershow, 20 November 2000, Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI
doug e's first song-i can make you dance (doug e. fresh)-doug e's third song (also feat. prince's vocal)-if i was your girlfriend-passing your name (feat. doug e. fresh, prince, najee, kip)-gett off-houstyle-johnny.

Prince & the NPG, 10 December 2000, Studio 54, Las Vegas, Nevada
thank you falettinme be mice elf again-everyday people-the ride-the jam-she's always in my hair-i got the feeling (incl. mother popcorn)-santana medley (soul sacrifice, toussaint lęłoverture & jungle strut)-oye como va-u got the look-pop life intro/kiss (feat. rap by DVS)-gett off.