Exclusive European Soundchecks 2CD
Catalog # SAB 224-225
Release Year 2003 
2CD Length :
Date/Venue Rotterdam, Milan, Berlin, London 
Source Audience

Track Listing
02-11-2002 Rotterdam, Ahoy,
Prince Talks, Sheila E Appears, Santana MEdley, Flashlight, Xenophobia, A Case Of U, Don't Play Me (aborted), Guitar Interlude, The Truth, Telemarketeers Blues, The Beverly Hillbillies Theme, Sanatana Medley
31-10-2002 Milan, Palatucker,
The Everlasting Now, The Rainbow Children, Strollin', Santana Medley, Prince Talks, Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)
19-10-2002 Berlin, ICC,
Prince Drum Solo, Instrumental Jam (incl. Here On Earth w/ Prince still on drums), Jazz Instrumental, Prince Talks, Jazz Jam (aborted), Jazz Jam, A Case Of U (aborted), A Case Of U (Instrumental), Jazz Instrumental, The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker, Four, Prince Talks, Santana Medley
Bonustrack 05-10-2002 London, The Apollo regular show
Joy In Repetition