Fantasia 3CD
Catalog # 242/243/244
Release Year 1997  
3CD Length 72:11 | 72:34 | 72:37
Date/Venue Studio Outtakes
Source Studio

Track Listing
Studio Outakes 1983-1996
Dream Factory, The Sex Of It, Crystal Ball, All My Dreams, Computer Blue, Miss Understood, Get On Up, U Gotta Shake Something, Alphabet St. Remix, Seven Corners Movie Mix, Sexy Mf Remix, The Continental Remix, Work That Fat, Power From Above, Carmen On Top, Go Carmen Go, Powerline, All That, The Juice, Fun Part Ii, Fantasia Erotica, Rootie Kazootie, Space, Guitar Segue, Asswoop, Ethreal Segue, Parlor Games, Michael Segue, Give It Up, Sony & Miles Segue, 24, Poem, Interactive, Strays Of The World, Loose, 18 & Over, Days Of Wild, Acknowledge Me, Superhero, Slave 2 The System, 20/20, Feel Good, Journey 2 The Center Of Your Heart, I Am The Dj, Goodbye, Emancipation