Fate 2CD

Catalog # OUT1/2
Release Year   
2CD Length 58:20 | 60:21
Date/Venue Outtakes & Remixes1993-95
Source Studio

Track Listing
Outtakes & Remixes1993-95
Letter 4 Miles, Rippopgodezippa, Slave, New World, Right Back Here In My Arms, Rock n' Roll Is Alive, Batcha By Golly Wow, I'll Do Anything Medley, (Lemme See That Body) Get Loose!, 18 And Over, Same December, Zannalee, Empty Room '95, Coincidence, P Control - Club Mix, Shhh, Get Wild - In The House Mix, I Hate U - Quiet Night Mix, 319, Shy, Billy Jack Bitch, Sonny t segue, Rootie Kazootie, Chatounette Controle, P Control - Control Tempo Edit, Kamasutra Overture, Free The Music, NPG Operator, Gold, P Control - House Mix, P Control - Club Mix, Somebody's Somebody, Asswoop Segue, Asswoop, Etherial Segue, Parlor Games, Free The Music