Fear And Loathing In Indianapolis 2CDR
Down Low Records
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Release Year   
2CDR Length 71:30 | 72:24
Date/Venue Indianapolis 1 June 1998
Source Audience Recording

Track Listing
Indianapolis 1 June 1998
Sweet Thing, Tell Me Something Good, You Got The Love, Everyday People, Talking Loud And Sayin Nothing, I Want To Take You Higher, Alphabet Street, Release Yourself, Purple Rain, The Ride, Bambi, Mad Sex, Come On, Lodi Dodi, Let's Work, Delirious, The One, Do Me Baby, How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore, Inianapolis Angel, Let's Go Crazy, She's Always In My Hair, U Got The Look, Kiss, Gett Off, The Show, Go Go Jam, Bustin Loose, The Jam