Funky Weapon 2CDR
Orson Productions
Catalog # OP03/04
Release Year 1998  
2CDR Length 72:47 | 72:50
Date/Venue Remixes And Unreleased Mixes
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
Remixes And Unreleased
New Power Generation (Funky Weapon Mix), Rock And Roll Is Alive (And It Lives In Minneapolis), Face Down (Money Mix), I Hate U (Quiet Night Mix), Violet The Organ Grinder, My Name Is Prince (12 Inch Mix), Space (Universal Love Mix), Partyman (Unreleased Remix), Letitgo (On The Cool Tip Radio Edit), Thieves In The Temple (Remix), Lovesign (Unreleased Shock's Silky Smooth Mix), Sexy Mf (12 Inch Mix), Somebody's Somebody (Ultrafantasy Mix), Alphabet Street (This Is Not Music), Letitgo (Sherm Stick Edit), Get Wild (Money Maker), Do Your Dance (Kc Mix), Good Life (Big City Remix), The Future (Remix), Gett Off (Purple Pump Mix), My Name Is Prince (Hardcore 12 Inch Mix), Lovesign (Shock G Mix), Electric Chair (Remix), Gansta Glam Groove (7inch Mix), Most Beautiful Gril In The World (Mustang Mix), Free The Music (included on later releases)