Glam Slam East 2CD
Raiders Of The Lost Art
Catalog # RCD001
Release Year 1994  
2CD Length 72:39 | 76:35
Date/Venue 8 and 9 June 1994 Glam Slam Miami
Source Audience

Track Listing
8 June 1994 Glam Slam Miami
Billy Jack Bitch, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, Loose, Shoop Jam (Incl Sexy Mf / Gett Off / Acknowledge Me / Sexy Mf), It's Alright, I Believe In U, Maybe Your Baby, Peach, I'm In The Mood, Now
9 June 1994 Glam Slam Miami
Now, Gold, Soul Sacrifice, 319, Hide The Bone, Ripopgodazippa, Get Wild, Johnny, Interactive, Days Of Wild (Incl Hair / If You Want To Stay), Now
Studio Recording On PA
I Hate U