Globequake 2CD
Dream Factory Records
Catalog # 003-92-1A/B
Release Year   
2CD Length
Date/Venue 2 August 1990 Stockholm & Fake Remixes
Source Audience/Fakes

Track Listing
The Globe, Stockholm 12 August 1990
DAT Intro, The Future, 1999, Housequake, Sexy Dancer, Kiss, I'm In The Mood, Purple Rain, Take Me With U, Bambi, Alphabet st, It Takes 2, The Question Of U, Do Me Baby, Venus de Milo, Under The Cherry Moon, The Question Of U, When Doves Cry, A Song 2 U, Little Red Corvette, Batdance, Partyman, Baby I'm A Star
Fake Remixes
Batdance, Electric Chair, Lemon Crush, Sex, Partyman, I Love U In Me, Trust, 200 Balloons