Hallowed Be Thy Name 2CD

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2CD Length 51:43 | 63:39
Date/Venue 28 March 1995 Brussels and Bonus Tracks

Track Listing
28 March 1995 Forest National Center Brussels
People Get Ready, The Jam, I Believe In U, Days Of Wild, Proud Mary, Jailhouse Rock, Funky, Sing A Simple Song, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, The Undertaker, Loose, Get Wild, Gold
10 April 1995 Radio One BBC London WNPG Show
Get Wild (Money Maker Funky Jazz Mix), Get Wild (In The House), Now, The Good Life, Cherry Cherry, Billy Jack Bitch, If I Love U 2 Nite (Mayte), The Exodus Has Begun Outro
5 April 1995 The White Room On Channel 4
Count The Days Get Wild