Honeymoon Experience 2CD
Catalog # 057/58
Release Year 1996  
2CD Length 53:58 | 51:28
Date/Venue Hawaii 1996
Source Audience

Track Listing
19 February 1996 Neil S Blaisdell Arena Honolulu Hawaii
1999 Intro, Endorphine Machine, Shhh, Days Of Wild, Now, Race, Girls And Boys, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, Pussy Control Incl. Get Wild, Letitgo, Starfish And Coffee, Sometimes It Snows In April, The Ride, Sex Machine, Johnny, Sex Machine Jam, Take Me With U, Funky, The Jam, One Of Us, Do Me Baby, Sexy Mf, If I Was Your Girlfriend, Vicki Waiting, The Purple Medley, Purple Rain, 7