Late Night Shows Part1 2CD
Catalog # SAB030/31
Release Year 1998  
2CD Length 65:43 | 70:05
Date/Venue San Antonio, Dallas, San Francisco, Tempe 1997
Source Audience

Track Listing
Cafe Hollywood, San Antonio 8 August 1997
Instrumental, Funk Jam With Doug E Fresh, Johnny, La De Da Dee, Face Down, Skin Tight, The Sexiest Zodiac Sign, 6 Minutes, Funky Music, The Gambler, Turn This Mother Out, Face Down, Talkin Loud And Sayin Nothing, I'll Take U There, There Was A Time, Band Intro
DNA Longue San Francisco 20 April 1997
The Ride
Club Mirage, Dallas 9 August 1997
Days Of Wild (On PA), Days Of Wild, Wind Me Up, 18 & Over, Do It On Film, Piano Solo, Human Beat Box, Doug E Fresh Rap, Play That Funky Music, Johnny, Somebody's Somebody, Girl & Boys, Boogie Oogie Oogie, La De Da Dee
El Ballroom, Tempe 28 April 1997
Santana Medley, The Ride, Come On (On PA)