Late Night Shows Part3 2CD
Catalog # SAB034/35
Release Year 1998  
2CD Length 59:41 | 73:56
Date/Venue Miami & Houston 1997
Source Audience

Track Listing
Glam Slam, Miami 15 August 1997
Play Time (Marva King Vox), Play Time (Doug E Fresh Vox), Push It Up, Flashlight, Stomp, It's All Because Of You, Sweet Thing, Lovin You, I'll Take U There, There Was A Time (Clorren Bacon Skin), The Way You Do The Things You Do, Shout, Push It Up - Flashlight, The Roof Is On Fire, Face Down, Turn This Mutha Out
The Roxy, Houston 31 December 1997
Sing A Simple Song (Larry Graham On Vox), Instrumental, Play Time, I'll Take U There, Old School Jam, Instrumental Jam, You Can Make It If You Try (Larry Graham Vox), Thank You (Faletinme Be Mice Elf Again)