Le Premier Gold Experience 2CD
Free Music
Catalog # 001/002
Release Year 1995  
2CD Length 75:13 | 59:56
Date/Venue 4 March 1995 Wembley Arena London & PA Studio Tracks
Source Audience

Track Listing
4 March 1995 Wembley Arena London
Endorphine Machine, The Jam, Shhh, Days Of Wild (Incl Hair), Now (Incl Babies Makin Babies), Sex Machine, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, P Control, Letitgo, Pink Cashmere, Loose, A Case Of You, I Love U In Me, Proud Mary, The Ride, 7, Race, Superhero, Billy Jack Bitch, I Hate U, 319, Gold
Studio Tracks Recorded From PA
Same December, 18 & Over, Zannalee, Empty Room, P Control