Madrid To Stuttgart 2CD
Catalog # DL05/06
Release Year 1999  
2CD Length 70:22 |66:16
Date/Venue Soundcheck December 1998
Source Audience Recording

Track Listing
Frankfurt 22 Dec 1998
Push It Up, Jam Of The Year, Talking Loud And Sayin Nothin, Inst, Inst, Release Yourself, Days Of Wild, If You Want Me To Stay, Jazz Inprovs
Cologme 27 Dec 1998
When U Were Mine, Santana Medley, The Question Of U, Push It Up
Ghent 28 Dec 1998
Stuttgart 26 Dec 1998
The One, I Would Die 4 U, Jin-Go-Lo-Ba, Get Yo Groove On, I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man, The Good Life, 18 & Over
Madrid 20 Dec 1998
Let's Work, Courtin Time, Come On, The One, Stand, Release Yourself, Let's Get In On, Summertime
Utrecht 23 Dec 1998
Asswoop, Hynpo Paradise, Everyday People, Don't Call Me Nigga - Whity, Forever In My Life
Barcelona 18 Dec 1998
The Jam Intro, 4 The Tears In Your Eyes, 17, Spoon, Freaks On This Side, Computer Blue