Meet My Heroes 4CD
Catalog # SAB101-104
Release Year 2000  
4CD Length 76:46 | 78:30 | 78:14 | 77:52
Date/Venue 1986-1999 Performances with Guests
Source Disc 1/2 Soundboard 3/4 Audience

Track Listing
1986-1999 with Guests Soundboard
Intro, The Jam, Everyday People, Sweet Thing, Release Yourself, Days of Wild, Thankyou, You can sing it if you try, Everyday People, Just be my lady, One in a Million you, Purple Rain, Music Lover, Alphabet Street, Speeches Prince and Public Enemy, A Love Bizarre, All Day all Night, Holly Rock, Kiss, The Undertaker, House in Order, Call the Law, Love Sign, Intrumental, Baby I love you, Nothing compares 2 U, American Woman, Fly Away, Its gonna be a Beautiful Night
1986-1999 with Guests Audience
Glam Slam Boogie, U got the Love, Superstition, Maybe your Baby, Just my Imagination, Positivity, Wade in the Water, Mary don't you weep, The cross, Heroes takes a Fall, Manic Monday, I like Funky Music, Talking Loud and Saying Nothing, Everyday is a winding road, Motherless Child, Pretty Man, Peach, Band introduction by Sheryl, Everyday is a winding road, Whole lotta shaking going on, Miss you, The Calling, Gett Off