Mill City Festival 2CDR
Catalog # TAPM20/21
Release Year 2000 EEC 
2CDR Length 143min?
Date/Venue 6 September 1999, Minneapolis
Source Audience

Track Listing
Mill City Music Festival, 6 September 1999, Minneapolis
The One (intro), Sign of the times, The One (int), I could never take the place of your man, Summertime, The christ, Let's go crazy, She's always in my hair, U got the look, Pop Life(intro), Kiss, Gett off, Come and dance with me, Gett off (housestyle), I like funky music, Talkin'loud and sayin'nothing, Let's work, Delirious, Rock N Roll Is Alive Outro, Everyday is a winding road, Do unto others, Sometimes I fell like a motherless child, Do unto others (reprise), Pretty man, Purple rain, Come on, Baby I'm a star, 1999
Larry GrahamThe Bonus Tracks
Free, Everyday People, Way Up, Give Up The Funk, Cookie Jar
The Steeles Bonus Tracks
The Sacrifice Of victor, Super Hero, Color, House In Order
The Time Bonus Tracks
Oak Tree, Jerk Out