Not Bad 4 A Girl 2CD
Down Low Records
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Release Year   
2CD Length 73:51 | 70:03
Date/Venue Official And Outakes from Sheila E and Ingrid Chavez
Source Soundboard mostly

Track Listing
Sheila E Tracks
Belle Of St. Mark (Ext), Too Sexy (Long), Sister Fate (Ext), Save The People (Ext), Holly Rock (Ext), Love On A Blue Train (Ext), The World Is High (B-Side), Koo Koo (Ext) Paradise Gardens (Ext), Special Medley Mix (Glam. Life/Sister Fate/Love Bizarre), Love Bizarre (Romance 1600 Live Video), Girls And Boys/Holly Rock (Live At First Ave 1986), Holly Rock (Saturday Night Live), Love Bizarre (SNL), Girl Power (Unreleased Studio)
Ingrid Chavez Tracks
Heaven Must Be Near Remixes Erotic City 12" Mix, Heavenly Club Mix, Heavenly Dub, House Mix, Heavenly Mix Quiet Storm Mix, 7 Corners (Unreleased Studio)