Now's The Time (moonraker) 2CD
Catalog # 191/192
Release Year 1996  
2CD  Length 57:07 | 52:22
Date/Venue Sign O The Time Rehearsals 1987
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
21 February 1987 Paisley Park Rehearsal
sign o the times, play in the sunshine, housequake, ballad of dorothy parker, slow love, starfish & coffee, hot thing, now's the time, sheila e drum solo, if i was your girlfriend, u got the look, strange relationship, i could never take the place of your man, forever in my life, kiss, the cross, it's gonna be a beautiful night
18 November 1987 Paisley Park Rehearsal
little red corvette, erotic city, adore, what's your name, let's pretend we're married