NPG-TV Channel Three CD
Catalog # 183
Release Year 1996  
CD Length 75:44
Date/Venue TV Appearences 1994 - 1996
Source Broadcast

Track Listing
Broadcasts 1994 - 1996
Prologue, Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Mustang Mix)(Top Of The Pops), Accepts Award (WMA), Endorphine Machine (Canal+), Accepts Award (SAMA), Interactive / Endorphine Machine (Vh1), Accepts Award (Vh1), Love Sign, Peach, Dolphin, Accepts Award (AMA), Accepts Award (Britt), Billy Jack Bitch, Get Wild, Count The Days, Get Wild, Days Of Wild, The Ride, The Jam, Dinner With Delores, Dinner With Delores, Zannalee, Epilogue