NPG Music Club III June/July 2CDR

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Intro, Jazz Intro, pop my Clutch, Segue, Segue, Race, Segue, Sometimes it snows in April, Segue, Eye 8 u, Heaven must be Near, Segue, The Future, Got 2 groove , The good life, the rainbow children, deep 20 segue, goldie's parade, organ grinder, segue, 6, 7, 8, sex me, sex me not, Y should Eye do that, SM Groove, Intro, Kip, Get wild, Asswoop, Segue, Blood is thicker than time, Segue, Rock and Roll is alive, Segue, Cream, My name is Prince, 2 whom it may concern, the other side of the pillow, the one remix, outro, Hypno Paradise, van Gough, Intrumental