NPG Music Club I February/March 2001 2CDR

Catalog # PM 39/40
Release Year 2001  
2CDR Length

Track Listing
Intro, Love sign, when eye lay my hands on u, high, callin' to say goodbye, to the teeth, mother earth, spanish coloured romance, my medaillon, golden parachute, passing your name, kamasutra overture, commercial. dance, i like it there, speech, days of wild, splash, peace, when eye lay myhands on u, intro, grrove on, chaising a train, welcome 2 the slaughterhouse, circle of amour, intro by salome, we march, vicki waiting, letitgo, speech, join the npg muic club, fonky like a bald head, speech, can you say hello, soul sanctuary, one/two, interview, my computer, tell a friend, inst, dinner with delores, inst, daisy chain, letitgo, return of the bump squad, vicki waiting we march