ONA The Winnipeg & London Aftershows 2CD
Catalog # SAB 243-244
Release Year 2003 
CD Length :
Date/Venue 07-06-2002 Le Rendezvous, Winnipeg & 06-10-2002 The New Marquee, London 
Source Audience

Track Listing
07-06-2002 Winnipeg, Le Rendezvous aftershow
Winnipeg Jam, Bambi, Whole Lotta Love, Red House, Paisley Park, Speech, The Cross, Ain't No Sunshine, Girls & Boys, 2 Nigs United 4 West Winnipeg, Interlude, Happy Birthday, 1+1+1=3, Calhoun Square
06-10-2002 London, The New Marquee aftershow
Instrumental Jam, Automiatic, Shake!, Instrumental, Dolphin, Sign O The Times, Tambourine, Sexy Dancer, The Work Pt.1, Soul Power, Bustin' Loose, Johnny
05-10-2002 London, The Apollo (regular show accoustic set)
Extraordinary, Don't Play Me, Pink Cashmere, One Kiss At A Time, Telemarketeers Blues