One More Nite Alone In Washington 2CD
Catalog # SAB213-214
Release Year 2002 
2CD Length 78:11 | 78:28
Date/Venue 31 March 2002 Warner Theatre Washington DC
Source Audience

Track Listing
31 March 2002 Warner Theatre Washington DC
the rainbow children, muse 2 the pharaoh, xenophobia, a case of u, mellow, 1+1+1=3-, love rollercoaster, the other side of the pillow, strange relationship, sing a simple song, it's alright, alphabet street, the jam, la la la means i love u, didn't cha know?, when u were mine, avalanche, family name, take me with u, raspberry beret, santana medley, adore, condition of the heart, diamond & pearls, i wanna be ur lover, do me baby, girls & boys, nothing compares 2 u, purple rain, sometimes it snows in april, how come u don't call me anymore?, anna stesia (featuring Carlos Santana on guitar), joy in repetition (featuring Carlos Santana on guitar).