One Nite...Not So Alone 6CDR
Catalog # PM 114-119
Release Year 2002  
6CDR Length
Date/Venue 9 April 2002 New York
Source audience

Track Listing
9 April 2002 Avery Fisher Hall Soundcheck
speech-instrumental jam-the ride-alphabet street-jam-calhoun square-power fantastic-speech-guitar jam By NPG Music Club Member-extraordinary-housequake drums intro-joy in repetition
9 April 2002 Avery Fisher Hall
rainbow children-muse 2 the pharaoh-xenophobia-a case of u-mellow mellow-1+1+1 = 3-rollercoaster (ohio players cover)-the other side of the pillow-speech-strange relationship/i like funky music-pass the peas-sing a simple song-la, la, la (means i love u)-didn't u know (featuring "Q Tip")-when u were mine-avalanche -family name-take me with u-raspberry beret-santana medley (includes "another star")-adore-speech-i wanna be ur lover-do me, baby-condition of the heart-diamonds and pearls-the beautiful ones-purple rain-nothing compares 2 u-free-starfish & coffee-sometimes it snows in april-how come u don't call me anymore?-anna stesia-outro
10 April 2002 The World Aftershow
speech-joy in repetition-talkin' loud & sayin' nothing-pass the peas ( clinton)-george clinton jam-la, di, da, di (feat."doug e. fresh")-dance 2 the music (feat.gary shilder)-alphabet street-the jam (feat."larry graham")-instrumental- just friends (feat. "musiq soulchild")-extraordinary-777-9311 (feat. alicia keys & guest love)-how come u don't call me anymore? (alicia keys)-the ballad of dorothy parker-drum battle (feat. doug e. fresh)-peach-everlasting now