Our Last Night In Europe 2CD
Catalog # SAB194-195
Release Year 2002  
2CD Length 78:18 | 73:17
Date/Venue 31 August 1986 Hamburg & 27 October 1985
Source Audience

Track Listing
31 August 1986 Sporthalle, Hamburg Germany
audience, around the world in a day, christopher tracy's parade, new position, i wonder u, raspberry beret, delirious, controversy, a love bizarre jam, do me baby, how much is that doggy in the window, automatic, dmsr, when doves cry, do u lie?, the ladder, under the cherry moon, anotherloverhoenyahead, love or money, head, girls & boys, 1999, life can be so nice, america, kiss, purple rain
27 Ocotber 1985 Nice Reherearsal
pop life, temptation, paisley park, love or money, go, conversation between wendy & prince, an honest man