Paisley Park: A Celebration 2001 6CD
Catalog # SAB152-157
Release Year   
6CD Length
Date/Venue Xcel Center, St Paul, 16 June 2001 & Bonus

Track Listing
St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota, USA on June 16th 2001 with also all Paisley Park performances by Nikka Costa, Alicia Keys and others.
announcement-dat-intro-instrumental-first song-oak tree-jerk out-get it up-cool - feat. prince on guitar & co-lead vocals, terry lewis on bass-777 93 11-hanks to prince-blondie-the stick-the girl is dangerous-my drawers-fishnet: featuring george clinton on backing vocals-parliament funkadelic's "booty"-ain't no party like a p-funk party-chant-gigolos get lonely too-if the kid can't make you come-morris & jerome talk

ice cream castles, incl. the chants "white girls", "line 'em up", "u gotta shake something", "let's do something", "girls - i like the girls"-the walk-the bird-jungle love: featuring terry lewis & prince-it's alright (feat. Prince's vocal)-mothership connection is here-drum solo by John Blackwell-up on the downstroke (feat. john blackwell on drums)-baby knows & maceo parker thanks prince "down by the riverside-maceo's "uptown"-pass the peas-doing it to death-stand by me

gag lady (with prince)-reflecting the light/ghetto heaven (with common)-call tyrone-someday we'll all be free-hcudcma?-soul song-(get up, feat. prince)-atomic dog (g. clinton cover)-p-funk-ghetto heaven (feat. erykah badu)-erykah dedicates song raps about prince-the light (feat. kip, prince & erykah badu)-happy birthday, prince!-reception by prince-when you were mine-when doves cry-computer blue II-turn back now-p-funk-when you were mine

uptown-the work-sexy dancer-u make my sun shine-take me with u-raspberry beret-when doves cry-come on-passing your name & message by prince-let's work-uptown-p-funk-guitar solo by prince-i love u but i don't trust u anymore (by kip)-uptown-instrumental-deep purple's-smoke on the water-voodoo child

intro-let's go crazy-take me with u-raspberry beret-darling nikki-joy in repetition-when doves cry-computer blue:instrumental-baby i'm a star-god-instrumental-solo by najee-purple rain-when you were mine-bambi-and god created woman-3 chains o' gold-still would stand all time-adore-little red corvette-i wanna be your lover-sexy dancer-housequake-the ballad of dorothy parker-free-starfish & coffee-sometimes it snows in april

i love u but i don't trust u anymore-hcudcma?-delirious-if i was your girlfriend-interlude-u got the Look-kiss-gett off-come on-like a feather-so have i for you-anotherloverholenyohead-sister-prince delivers a speech from the dj booth at paisley park after nikka costa's set on -peace-intro