Paisley Park Extravaganza 3 CD
Catalog # SAB005
Release Year 1995 Holland 
CD Length 69:27
Date/Venue 18 September 1995, 7 October 1995 and KDWB FM 1995
Source Audience / Studio

Track Listing
Paisley Park 18 September 1995
The Jam, I Belive In U, The Cross, The Ride, Now, Babies Makin Babies, Inst. Jam, Rock N Roll Is Alive (And It Lives In Minneapolis), Sex Machine, Johnny Groove, Return Of The Bump Squad, Get Wild (Incl Rock N Roll Is Alive)
Paisley Park 7 October 1995
We March, Love Thy Will Be Done, Starfish And Coffee
15 September 1995 KDWB FM Miineapolis
Rock N Roll Is Alive (And It Lives In Minneapolis) (Tony Fly Mix)