Paisley Power 3CD
Catalog # 036/37/38
Release Year 1998  
3CD Length 61:00 | 46:32 | 73:17
Date/Venue 5 & 14 February 1998 Paisley Park
Source Audience

Track Listing
5 February 1998 Paisley Park
Mad (Be Bop 2 Hip Hop), Tyrone, The Good Life, Come On, Jamming, Hair, Joy And Pain/Groove On, Forever In My Life, Everyday People, Free, Mad Sex, The Jam
14 February 1998 Paisley Park
Days Of Wild, Tell Me What It Is, Power Outtage Interlude, Mike Scott On Guitar, Rhonda On Bass, The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker, The Jam, I Believe In U, Joy And Pain / Groove On, Water