Paradiso 2CD
Superhero Records
Catalog #
Release Year 1994?  
2CD Length 76:00 | 75:14
Date/Venue 25 and 26 March 1995 Amsterdam
Source Audience

Track Listing
The Paradiso 25 March 1995 Amsterdam
Funky, 18 And Over, Now (Incl. Babies Makin Babies And Feelgood), I Believe In You, Proud Mary, The Ride, Glam Slam Boogie, Days Of Wild (Incl Hair), Get Wild (Incl Roof Is On Fire), Sex Machine Jam
The Paradiso 25 March 1995 Amsterdam
People Get Ready, The Jam, Get Wild, Jailhouse Rock, Zannalee, The Undertaker, Funky Design, Pussy Control, Funky Stuff / Johnny, Endorphine Mahcine, Peach