Prince's Erotic City 2CD
Diversity (ShadowPlay)
Catalog # 001-002(1001-1002)
Release Year 1993 EEC 
2CD Length 59:31 | 68:09
Date/Venue Lovesexy Tour Rehearsals
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
Lovesexy Tour Rehearsals
Erotic City, Housequake, Slowlove, Adore, Delirious, Jack U Off, Sister, Adore, U Got The Look, I Wanna Be Your Lover, Head, When You Were Mine, Little Red Corvette, Pop Life, Controversy, Dirty Mind, Superfunkycalifragisexy, Controversy, Bob George, Anna Stesia, Cross The Line, Eye No, Alphabet Street, Glam Slam, The Cross, I Wish U Heaven, Kiss, Dance On, Let's Go Crazy, When Dovs Cry, Purple Rain, 1999, Positivity, Lovesexy, Eighties Medley, Chain Of Fools