Purple Rush 6CD
Catalog # SAB128-130/142-144
Release Year   
6CD Length 420:00
Date/Venue Live and Rehearsals from Purple Rain Era

Track Listing
March 10th 1985, Long Beach
intro, let's go crazy, delirious, 1999, little red corvette, take me with u, yankee doodle, prince speaks, do me baby, irresistable bitch, hcudcma?, let's pretend we're married, international lover, god, computer blue, darling nikki,bonus: oliver's house
May/June 1984: Rehearsal for the June 7th
free, erotic city, something in the water, when doves cry, irresistable bitch, gotto shake this feeling baby (early purple rain), another lonely christmas, noon rendez vous
1984 First Avenue concert, 1984
billy, including strange relationship intrumental, feline
October 1984: Purple Rain Tour Rehearsal
let's go crazy, delirious, 1999, little red corvette, free, father's song, god, america: the beautiful, computer blue, darling nikki, when doves cry / the beautiful ones, when doves cry
November / December 1984: Purple Rain Tour Rehearsal
let's go crazy, g-spot, i would die 4 u, cruisin'down the highway / can't stop this feeling i got, electric intercourse: take 1, electric intercourse: take 2, purple rain, the bird, bonus: i would die 4 u
another lonely christmas- intrumental tryout, another lonely christmas- keyboard bassline, when the saints go marchin'in, another lonely christmas- keyboard, bass and guitar, another lonely christmas- all intruments and vocals, let's go crazy- intrumental tryout, intrumental jam, let's go crazy- intrumental tryout 2, another lonely christmas- 7" version, another lonely christmas- 12" version