Purple Rush III, The 4CD
Catalog # SAB 177-180
Release Year   
4CD Length
Date/Venue Purple Rain Tour Rehearsals

Track Listing
Tour Rehearsals 1982-1985
17 days, when we're dancing close & slow, free, erotic city pt I, erotic city pt II, irresistable bitch pt I, irresistable bitch pt II, when doves cry, possessed, possessed #2, all day, all night, somethinh in the water
17 days, our destiny, roadhouse garden, 17 days, our destiny, roadhouse garden, all day, all night, free, erotic city, all the critics love u in new york, something in the water, irresistible bitch, when doves cry, possessed
erotic city, let's go crazy, concert intro:let's go crazy, delirious, 1999, yankee doodle dandy, little reed corvette, free, father's song, god, computer blue, darling nikki, the beautiful ones, when doves cry, i would die 4 u
another lonely christmass, intrumental tryout, another lonely christmass keyboard bassline, when the saints go marchin' in, another lonely christmass keyboards, bass & guitar, another lonely christmass, let's go crazy instrumental intro, instrumental jam, let's go crazy instrumental intro #2, mutiny, desire, baby, i'm a star