Purple Rush IV, The 4CD
Catalog # SAB 181-184
Release Year 2002  
4CD Length
Date/Venue 1984 -85 Rehearsals & 4 January 1985 Atlanta
Source Soundboard

Track Listing
Purple Rain Rehearsal
bedtime story-do me, baby-baby baby baby-g-spot-let's go crazy-heavily distorted guitar-when doves cry drum pattern-drum check-a love bizarre-white girls-susannah pyjamas-river run dry-high fashion/pink panther theme-nothing compares 2 u-the screams of passion-mutiny-river run dry-nothing compares 2 u-desire-high fashion-pink panther theme-the screams of passion-mutiny jam-yes jam.
4 January 1985 Atlanta GA
audience-let's go crazy-delirious-1999-little red corvette-take me with u-yankee doodle dandy-free-do me, baby-hcudcma?-temptation-let's pretend were married-fathers song-god-computer blue-darling nikki-the beautiful ones-when doves cry.- i would die 4 u- baby i'm a star-purple rain
bonus performance
i would die 4 u-baby i'm a star-take me with u-purple rain-baby, i'm a star.