Radical Man 2CDR
Catalog # PM35/36
Release Year 2001  
2CDR Length 70:52 | 36:39
Date/Venue Remixes, MP3 samples, Various
Source various

Track Listing
Ghent 28 Dec 1998
Come On, I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man, U Got The Look
live no location listed
Car Wash
Good Life live no location listed
Tell Me What It Is
Shania Twain Cover with Marva King
U R Still The One
LIve in LA
Gett Off
Madrid 2 Chicago, Peace, Splash, Y Should I Do That When I Can Do This, The Daisy Chain, Controversy (kirk J remix), Hot With U Remix, Man O War Remix, UNderneath The Cream, When I Lay My Hands On U, Cyber single, 20:45 Radical Man, U Make My Sunshine, When Will We B Paid
Brother Jules Remix Experience
pop life, she's always in my hair, get freaky, face down, violet the organ grinder, gangster glam, jam of the year, joint 2 joint, return of the bump squad, p control, billy jack bitch, hot thing, kiss, 17 days. house quake
E_Master-L Remix
Come On