Rave UN2 The Bataclan 2CDR
Catalog # TAPMO304
Release Year 1999 France 
2CDR Length 110:00?
Date/Venue 17 November 1999 Paris & Franch TV 99
Source Audience/Soundboard

Track Listing
Le Bataclan, Paris 17 November 1999
O(+> drum solo, Lets Go Guitar Outro, Doing It To Death, I Feel Like Bustin Loose, Instrumental Improvisation, The Jam, Everyday People, Larry Bass Solo, Thank You, Speech. Disc 2 Red House, Kiss (inc.Bass Solo), Gett Off (Housestyle), Talkin Loud & Sayin Nothing, It's Alright (inc. Push It Up),Release Yourself
French TV 1999
Baby Knows, Greatest Romance intro, Alphabet street, Everyday People, I Love You But I Don't Trust You